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Payment Instructions

We make it fast and easy to order with us by accepting many differnt payment methods. As soon as we recieve your payment, we process your order and have your list out to you, via link for download, within 24 hours.


We accept payments from first time customers by the following methods:

Personal/Company Check, Money Order, Bank wire, Western Union/Quick Collect.


Credit Card:

Please call us at 1-888-796-4563 to order by Credit Card.


Personal/Company check or Money Order:

Mail to:

All Email Lists

23100 Ave San Luis Ste. 273

Woodland Hills, CA 91364

Please also include the name of the list you are purchasing and the

email address you would like the list sent to.


Western Union/Quick Collect:

Send to: Priscilla Diblasio

City: Westlake Village

State: California

Country: USA

Email us at and let us know what list you

are purchasing, the MTCN Number, and what email to send the list to.


Bank Wire:

Please contact us at

and we will email you out our Citibank Wire Instructions.